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LUKOIL Group has been working in Romania for many years. One of the largest refineries of the company is located in Ploiesti. LUKOIL has a network of about 300 gas stations in Romania. In 2011 Romania became the first European country to host LUKOIL’s upstream projects.

In February 2011, following the results of the tender round held in July 2010, LUKOIL Overseas Atash B.V. has entered with the National Agency for Mineral Resources the Petroleum Concession Agreement for exploration and development on EX-30 Trident Block in the Romanian sector of the Black Sea. Currently, the operations are performed by LUKOIL- Romgaz partnership. LUKOIL is the Operator within this partnership.

Three wells were drilled on the block during 2015 - 2019. In December 2019, the company has accomplished the drilling of Trinity-1X exploration well. Starting with 2020 the company is involved in analyses of data gathered during drilling the well.

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