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About the portal

Romanian Black Sea Titleholders Association would like to inform you of a new resource which has been developed to support developments of potential suppliers for Romanian offshore industry. The Romanian Black Sea Oil & Gas Potential Suppliers Portal serves as a repository where potential suppliers can describe the goods and services they can supply to the industry.


Portal is currently live and being administered by ExxonMobil. Any interested suppliers can register themselves to:


“RBSTA’ members are committed to contribute to the development of local suppliers while supporting all regulatory requirements and standards. Establishing a portal for potential suppliers for Romanian offshore industry shall support our efforts, without compromising the efficiency of ongoing projects and operations. If investments projects such as those planned in the Romanian Black Sea will be developed, we are convinced that they will have a positive effect on the local economy”, says Dan Roșu, executive director of RBSTA.


This database has been created as a reference for economic operators looking to undertake current and future oil & gas development efforts in the Romanian Black Sea. However, registration will have no impact on any tender, existing contract, or suppliers’ ability to compete for opportunities to work on behalf of any current or potential project.


Disclaimer: Please note that ExxonMobil and RBSTA are not endorsing or approving the registrants found in the Portal. ExxonMobil and RBSTA are not responsible for expenses, damages, losses, or any liability incurred by suppliers who submit information to the Portal. ExxonMobil and RBSTA are also not responsible for expenses, damages, losses, or any liability incurred by any company utilizing entities identified through access to the Portal.

Step by step

1. Login Screen

All users initially directed to login screen. Login screen allows for Potential Suppliers to:
  • Register as a new Potential Supplier;
  • Login to edit or modify their existing Potential Supplier entry, if already registered.
Allows for site to be viewed in English or Romanian language.  

2. Initial Registration Screen

Input basic information to facilitate account creation:
  • Company name, location & high-level detail;
  • Registrant contact information.
Review and accept Terms & Conditions. Results in automated email that includes login ID and password.  

3. Potential Supplier Profile Creation

After receiving automated email, Potential Supplier can login and populate Potential Supplier Profile. Input basic company information:
  • Listing of goods/services provided;
  • Ownership/country of origin details;
  • Workforce/facility details;
  • Listing of past work, customers, projects, certifications, and memberships;
  • Allows for upload of summary documents.
All responses and fields are voluntary. Potential Supplier Profile can be edited or deleted by Potential Supplier contact at any time by logging into site. Tech support available to assist as necessary.  

4. Review of Portal Content (Titleholders / Admins)

Read-only Portal content data only available to approved administrators
  • i.e. – Potential Suppliers cannot review the data of other Potential Suppliers. Primary administrator will periodically review content for illicit entries.
  • i.e. – Content can be quarantined to document reason for removal.
Frequently asked questions

1. What Is It?
  • An externally hosted, secure web site that allows goods/services providers to voluntarily express their interest in marketing their products and services to the Romanian Black Sea oil & gas industry;
  • The Portal does not represent a complete list of all available suppliers – it only includes those who have taken the steps to populate their data.
  2.  Who Uses It?
  • Romanian & international goods & services providers interested in selling their products (proactive, voluntary registration);
  • Romanian Black Sea titleholders;
  • Contractors & subcontractors for offshore works.
  3. When Can Tool Be Used?
  • Potential Suppliers can register themselves or modify their entries at any time.
  4. Interference with Public Procurement process?
  • Supplier Portal does not replace or interfere in any way with Romanian regulations for public procurement;
  • Being registered does not guarantee that registrant will receive/win a contract for goods/services
  5. Benefits?
  • Provides avenue to advertise goods/services to targeted Black Sea /offshore Oil & Gas audience;
  • Quick and easy to populate;
  • Can populate as many or as few fields as desired;
  • Fields enabled for upload of existing company overview documentation;
  • Can quickly access and edit profile at any time to add detail or modify existing information;
  • Available in both English and Romanian languages.
  6. Third parties’ access?
  • Those parties populating their content into the Portal do not have access to content posted by other potential suppliers.